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Stonehaven Medical Balance 2000





Stonehaven Medical's BAL2000 Pacific 6 Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table
The Stonehaven Medical New BAL2000 Pacific 6 Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table is designed with 3 actuators or motors for complete control of cushion articulation, as well as table height adjustment. Ease of operation with Under Cushion Finger Touch Controls and 2 Elevating Bars for Table height adjustment, the Stonehaven BAL2000 Pacific 6 Section is the most effortless free operative Treatment Table available. The Head and Back section adjust from -28 to 80 degrees and the center section from 0 to 20 degrees. The Arm Rest, 2, adjust outward as well as up and down for patient comfort. Constructed of heavy-duty steel frame with lifting capacity of 500 lbs. Cushions are of 2” foam and choice of 6 attractive upholstery colors. The head section includes Breathing hole and plug. Dual Foot operative Casters, 4, are a standard feature.


    * Gas Struts, hand lever activated, providing smooth adjustment at movable top sections

    * Cushion width of 28" (71cm) x length of 81" (206cm)

    *Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters (4)

    * FDA/CA listed with hospital grade electrical cord

    * ADA compliant (see IRS, Section 44 or tax consultant regarding tax credit allowance)

    * Frame designed for patient lift accessibility, for ease of patient transfer

    * Cushions secured to the heavy-duty metal frame with an integral T-Nut Bolt assembly

  • * Hands free, foot operated up/down elevation levers
  • * Complete with Anti Slipping Foot levelers



* Custom Upholstery width and color (CU)

* Foam Memory Face Pad (FMP)

* Hydraulic Elevation Pump (HP)

* Paper Dispenser (PD)

* Foot or Hand Control Switch, in lieu of Elevating Bars