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The Balance "Cascade" BAL 1080,
3 Section
is the ideal treatment table for those requiring the Head and Leg Section to drop below a negative or rise to a positive position. It includes four (4) foot lever operated hospital grade casters, cushioned breathing hole and face plug, 2" foam with 7 attractive upholstery color choices which will compliment any medical facility decor. This unique design has foot-operated up/down Elevating Bars (4) conveniently located to adjust the table height without disrupting the patient during treatment.

Stonehaven Medical Balance 1080


  • Mimimum Height


    Maximum Height 36"/910mm
    Cushion Width 28"/700mm
    Head Section Length 27"/685mm
    Mid Section Length 22"/565mm
    Leg Section Length 27"/680mm
    Total Length 77"/1955mm
    Head Tilt Angles 87°to -35°
    Leg Tilt Angles 20°to -29°
    Retractable Wheels Standard x4
    Weight Rating 500lb/225kg



  • Paper Dispenser (PD)
    Custom Upholstery (CU)
    Foam Memory Face Pad (FMP)
    Hydraulic Elevation Pump (HP)