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Stonehaven Medical Balance Traction Agility

Exercise Bands
Perfect for All Progressive-Resistance Rehabilitation and Exercise Applications

Latex-free, with latex-like stretch qualities, for irritation-free use:

Stonehaven Medical’s progressive-resistance exercise bands are made of a specially formulated co-polymer material. They feature performance characteristics that cannot be achieved with natural rubber (latex) and other compounds. Made with an elastomeric compound, they are 100% latex-free while retaining the dynamic stretch properties of latex (preferred by most therapists and patients). Each band has been clinically proven to provide consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels between each band level



  • Latex-Free

  • Powder and Odor-free free material is cleaner, safer to use, and is popular with patients and therapists;

  • Available in 5 Resistance levels and color choices;

  • Non-slip surface for better grip;

  • Engineered for consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels;

  • Buoyant and resistant to swimming pool chemicals and excellent for Aquatic Therapy;

  • UV, sunlight and most infection control
    products resistant; and

  • Convenient Dispenser System.