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Stonehaven Medical, Inc., a family owned and operated business, has more that 65 years combined experience in the healthcare industry. Our high quality line of Balance Treatment Tables exceed the needs of the Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Clinical and Sports medicine markets while providing comfort, safety and ease of operation at an economical price. Our UniBand are 100% Latex-free while retaining the dynamic stretch properties of latex material.

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Latex Exercise Bands

Perfect for All Progressive-Resistance Rehabilitation and Exercise Applications

Latex Free Exercise Bands-

With Latex-Like Stretch Qualities,
For Irritation-Free Use.

Perfect for All Progressive-Resistance Rehabilitation and Exercise Applications

Stonehaven Medical's Balance Canyon Bo-Bath Model 2070

is designed much wider than most
of our Hi Low Treatment tables for
greater interactive exercises
between the patient and practitioner

Stonehaven Medical's Balance 6 Section Pacific Model 2000

is the most effortless free operative
Treatment Table available.
It is designed with 3 actuators or
motors for complete control of cushion
articulation, as well as table height
adjustment. Ease of operation with
Under Cushion Finger Touch Controls
and 2 Elevating Bars for Table height

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