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Newly Updated Stonehaven Medical Balance Traction Agility
Stonehaven Medical’s, Newly Updated, Balance "Traction Agility" Model BAL2050 is the ultimate Traction Table for all Traction Needs. It is equipped with the ALL NEW "Center Arching Mechanism" for Motorized LUMBAR ELEVATION. This facilitates any pulling traction force on the lumbar area with a slight upward lifting support (up to 26 degrees rise), especially when the patient is laying in the prone position or facing down. It is comprised of a heavy-duty metal frame with weight capacity of 500 lbs (225 kgs). Two of the four sections are designed to slide and can be locked in place with a friction free locking mechanism with a spring to control the proper tension required. The back and head section raise and lower. Two black bolsters and traction head platform are provided and the platform is designed to mount traction devices, including the optional Stonehaven BAL2055 Agility Traction Head as shown below. An elongated breathing hole and face plug are provided. The height of the table is adjusted with hands free, foot operated table height elevating levers (3) from a minimum height of 18” (47 cm) to a maximum height of 36” (91 cm), making this ADA compliant. Four Hospital Grade casters are a standard feature at no additional expense. *Straps and Harnesses (3) not included (Includes Flexion Stool)

Stonehaven Medical Balance Traction Agility

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  • * Gas Struts, hand lever activated, providing smooth adjustment at moveable top sections
  • * Cushion width of 28” (70 cm) x length of 94.1” (239 cm)
  • * Includes Lumbar and Thoracic Belt Package (Table must be used with only this set)
  • * Dual foot lever retractable heavy-duty hospital grade casters (4)
  • * FDA/CSA/CE listed with hospital grade electrical cord and 3-prong plug
  • * ADA Compliant (see IRS, Section 44 or tax consultant regarding tax credit allowance)
  • * Frame designed for patient assisted lift accessibility, for ease of patient transfer
  • * Cushions secured to the heavy-duty metal frame with an integral T-Nut Bolt assembly
  • * Best equipped with 3 Sides Elevating Bars however (1) Foot Control and (2) Hand Controls are also available


  • * Custom Upholstery Width and/ or Color (CU)
  • * Foam Memory Face Pad (FMP) )
  • * Hydraulic Elevation Pump (HP)
  • * Paper Dispenser (PD)
  • * Straps and Harnesses 3 (SH)
  • * Traction Spreader bar (SB)
  • * Agility Traction Device (BAL2055)